Being human is wild

Welcome to the creative universe of CosmicaelaPouring out from the heart, mind, & soul of Micaela Lydon

Born and raised in Florida, I find constant inspiration in the diverse ecosystem of this Seminole land.
Trees, insects, and flowers are the real art; I‘m simply an observer, doing my best to reflect the beautiful colors and textures around me.
I love to build bridges between intricate microcosms of flora & fauna and the larger macrocosm of infinite galaxies, and to slowly discover my place within it all.
I’m constantly collecting information and exploring — weaving webs that connect the ancient and modern, philosophical and spiritual, death and rebirth.
My curiosity spans many mediums and disciplines, from painting and drawing to music and beekeeping.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of art to build community and reimagine the world. As Nina Simone put it, “It is an artist’s duty to reflect the times.” For me, this means drawing attention to the ways we are interconnected with the Earth. By honoring this relationship, and healing our imbalances, we tap into a rhythmic cycle that has been spiraling for millennia. Creativity is an amazing tool to do just that, and every single being is a creator. Art isn’t limited to canvas; it is using our imagination to express a kaleidoscope of sounds, forms, words, movement, and emotion. It is a way of seeing and questioning the world around us.
My biggest pleasure in creating is seeing the joy it brings others, so I hope you enjoy checking out this website. I made it as a space to connect with people, share thoughts and resources, and show my work.

Thank you so so much for your support. Glad to be here with you on the journey.
With Gratitude,

Is it forth and back, or back and forth?

-Mike Hastie-